Monday, 21 February 2011

'Mysteries of the Universe' - Poetry Feature from the Archives

Disclaimer - Written from a fictional, biased point of view, with intention to make 'Ex' a mathematical play on words; emphasis on the keyword 'some'. So if you find offense in this piece... Perhaps it's because deep down... you feel guilty. ;-)

"An equation for me has no meaning unless it expresses a thought of God."
Srinivasa Ramanujan

Ex Equals

By Nezyah Amas (formerly iL.LoJik)

I’ve figured out what’s wrong with some women,
X is the square root, a variable yes, but none the less,
Represents the catalyst of stress for the new guy in your life,
me, who tries his best to be casual & blessed, without delving too far into the marital conquest.
But not so relaxed that he seems careless or spineless & curve-less in the cosine,
line where we both sign our numerological star signs
and see if the angle degrees fit perfectly,
hopefully building to something potentially divine,
that will last a lifetime like honey or wine,
But you fill your angles with assumptions grown from,
Alge-breres, who calculated simultaneous equations when with you,
Fractioning your heart, wrongly putting higher numbers above you,
Can’t keep up? Let me make it more complicated then,
Your x=y bracket pie 2, because he’s air, making you bitter like sea air
So don’t make excuses for your x= negative bitch plus negative square root of bitch 2 negative 4acervix drip 2a which is a few days, 

I’m not involved in your erratic quadratics, I’m aware I’m unclear like phone static,
So let break it down for you.
I want to add some positivity in your life, subtract negative thoughts in brain,
Divide the load of which you carry pain, s*** I’ll even evaporate rain,
Every memory stain
Divide it and analyse it, carry it over to the bus stop,
Send it to y or x’s house, to be dealt with by his new spouse.
Right now he isn’t here, and yes there’s so much to fear,
In the tunnel of darkness your leaving from your break up,
But I swear down, right down to the reoccurring decimals,
The murmur of the lowest decibels of my heartbeat,
I’m a clown, I’m a scholar, I’ll protect you,
Be your friend and your lover, I’ll reflect you,
Now the remainder of response doesn’t change,
Any number of words can be used to show you’re different,
But the result is always the same, you divide my words,
Analyse my words into the demonic pentagram that is “that’s what they all say”.

Now at this point I have to calculate deeper to differentiate,
Between if you’re another stupid b****, or I just have an X on my face,
But bear in mind this X can be a variable;
Since you haven’t taken the time to see what’s behind,
And thus stay blind and unkind. For once integrate my mind state into yours,
Realise I’m relative and beyond two hands, two cheeks, on all fours,
I may just be above all your laws about, all boys are the same,
All boys are to blame, only think about themselves, with their prime number games,
Cos it’s a damn shame when my Ex’s figure out 2 times 19 equals 38,
3 times 8 equals 24, 24 divided by 3, could be you and me and that’s infinite,
With the endorphins your thoughts bring,
I might sin, cos only you tan-talise me, your trigonometry makes me fantasise,
No lies, 1.6180339887, perfect in size, isocline thighs,

And I’m trying to make us an isosceles triangle,
But the only time they have a right angle,
Is when two of the sides are equal, otherwise you end up with x = a squared + b squared,
x being the third side, which is c squared, so why are you making me squared?
I’m trying to keep it simple, I’m not a phi kind of guy,
my integrity lies in integers like Abrahamic 7, a number in it’s prime,
Like the honeymoon thoughts of you in my mind,
Divisible by only one and one of its own kind, nothing breaks it apart,
Even times by a 6, leads it to the suffix that is 42,
pronic which means that It’s made from the number that wants to follow you,
n(n+1) is the sum but I’m missing the point with this tangent, I’m the hermit on the run,
went from third to first person, without the starter gun,
The basic summary, your x = negative pi,
Negative because you’re stuck in a vicious cycle over this guy,
Times my phi, make’s your ex a 5,
So why waste memory on an average guy?
That leaves the equation unbalanced in my eyes,
The Ex should be equal on both sides,
So balance it out, cut him out,
And get on with your life.


Let it marinate.

Mad love & Respect to the team, affiliates & inspirations, G.N.N, LXL, LXM, Upshot, Spmg, Nutmeg, KdotDip Designs, Tuan Hollaback, & all my peoples... 

'Divided we will stand, United we must Fly'

Peace, iL.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

"None but ourselves can free our minds."

'There are No Limitations  

 To the Mind  
Those we Acknowledge!!'

 In the words of my brother Nezyah
'Let it Marinate'
And enjoy one of my favourites

Live and Love 
Portia x

Monday, 14 February 2011

One Love, One Heart, One Destiny

I am a sincere believer in the power of Love
And it's never ending youth

To love I made a promise

Forever merry, in the spirit of it's juice
 Omnipotent is it's presence 
 A bond that cannot be broken
Love, how I love you

Let lips do as hands do

Label it not a Taboo  

Continue to Protect, Guide and Comfort me...

Embrace my spirit and my soul

For love your all I want to be
With you I will grow old

Happy Valentines Day All 
@PortuiaDouglas x

Monday, 7 February 2011

'And on the News' - Poetry Feature

This is a piece I wrote a couple years back, but I feel the subject matter is not only timeless, but shall remain with humanity for as long as humanity exists.

“The timeless in you is aware of life's timelessness; and knows that yesterday is but today's memory and tomorrow is today's dream.”
 Kahlil Gibran 

New News

By Nezyah Amas (formerly iL.LoJik)

You elude me with bank vaults of fairy tales, by hiding behind brave faces,

But the tints of my glasses were long ago replace by the blood stains, of the remains
Of a battle between, innocent clenched fist, and a legion of demons,

I inhale the potent blessy fumes of the toxic drums, of ant farm council blocks to Muslim war slums,

My core numbs as we approach the real cold wars, even global warming won’t thaw out humanity’s biblical inheritance, to be ungrateful & negligent,

Recycling campaigns can only do so much, I hope it’s your mind & hearts that I touch,

So you can realise, in the hood the struggle is deep, but it gets deeper as we circle the globe
Yet we remain blind like being exposed to lights strobe,

Serbia’s lost souls cry out for compassion as the polar ice caps drip & rip, from Eastern Europe, to south of what was once divine Nubia, and now there’s beef over mines,

No movie stars...

The real blood diamond shines in the left of the ribcage, and it shines from Asia, to South America... 

To this place.

Hope you enjoyed

Peace, iL.