Monday, 17 January 2011

"Gamersss, come out to Play-yayyy!"

If ever there was a video to take me back to the days of adolescent 'binge' gaming, 
it is surely this one!

Covering an almost chronological, compressed timeline of world renowned
gaming platforms and consoles, this video made by Game Design students
in Munich will take every gamer on a trip down cartridge binary memory lane.

However they missed out a few of my favourites.

In no particular order...

A gold star to any avid gamers who can name the game for each image.
Keep in mind I said game and not franchise!

Whilst you're thinking/googling, here's a classic game inspired track.

Work hard, play harder! iL.

Two Tires and a Business Attire

"A business like an automobile, has to be driven, in order to get results."

B. C. Forbes

Welcome to the land of Corporate Style

Where aesthetic innovation meets unique functionality

Where you trade your dingy carbon footprints for trendy tire marks

And you work out whilst going to work

So I ask you... What is there not to like about the Bikoff?

Should I back pedal?

So we've come to an agreement then? 

It's been a pleasure doing business with you:)

Cue pedal music! 
(Don't ask me why I felt this track was appropriate... it just is!)

Images & Design from
More info at

Keep pushing! iL.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

The Tin Foil Revenge

There comes a time in ones life when it becomes imperative for the laws of this here game to be unveiled. Today girls and boys, hamsters and guinea pigs, the focus is law 21.

Law 21
'Never fill your house mates room with balloons because he will not take it on the chin.'
He will do THIS!
Cover every inch of your room in Foil!
NO! Your imagination is not playing games on you... Your house mate is!
And NO, walking out of the room and returning minutes later will not change a thing.
You indeed will have been made to look like a complete and utter MUPPET!
So please girls and boys, both hamsters and guinea pigs, abide by LAW 21.

After 30 hours of hard labour and 29 rolls of tin foil
Sir Alex Byron created an inspirational piece of Art

Portia x

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

"The Name means Divided, but the Hearts Stay United" - Poetry Feature

We are Lost

By Nezyah Amas

We are the lost Kings & Queens of the richest soil; we wear crowns of vivid shades of mahogany, olive and caramel,
Our spirit & potential lies beyond the height at which the light in the sky lies upon,
Ambidextrous with our hands & feet to the heart beat of music,

Savannah lands & jungles dwell in our lungs for we possess the gospel spell of a tropical bird,
The trumpets of heaven’s elephants, the battle cry of the lion pride,
The joy & laughter of hyenas,

We are the blood line of hunters, who braved wild herds of wilder beasts,
Sailed beyond horizons with a navy of wooden canoes,
Mind states of infinite wisdom & instinct to see digital watches in the skies and shadows,
The healing properties of Mother Nature’s meadows,

We are descendants of those who sparked the first notions of mechanical science,
And harnessed the seeds of life from crops for food & architecture, taming the ocean defiant,
Those who stole the beauty of flowers & trees, to lavish carvings and garments,
With the tears of joy from the colour itself.

We are blessed with mothers, daughters & sisters with beauty of celestial height,
Perplexing the angels with dark skin, that shines so bright,
Our story is the river of the universe expanding beyond sight,

We were royal from birth; we are the Lost Kings & Queens,
Many have been cast to cages or ocean deep graves, from being beaten or slaughtered,
But in tribute, we must rise above the tide, because our blood will always be thicker than water.

Written By Nezyah Amas

Art & Photography from 
Deviant Art: Brinkdj, Grini, Sabin-Boykinov, 

Campaign Posters from Charity
'AMREF' African Medical & Research Foundation 

 'Charity begins at home, but it should not end there.'

Peace, iL.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

'Believe it or not, I can actually draw'

'The whole world as we experience it visually,
comes through 

the mystic realm of colour'

Kasseem Daoud Dean known by most as Swiss Beats, through music, fashion and expression through paint, proves to be a testament to Art.

Portia x