Thursday, 13 January 2011

The Tin Foil Revenge

There comes a time in ones life when it becomes imperative for the laws of this here game to be unveiled. Today girls and boys, hamsters and guinea pigs, the focus is law 21.

Law 21
'Never fill your house mates room with balloons because he will not take it on the chin.'
He will do THIS!
Cover every inch of your room in Foil!
NO! Your imagination is not playing games on you... Your house mate is!
And NO, walking out of the room and returning minutes later will not change a thing.
You indeed will have been made to look like a complete and utter MUPPET!
So please girls and boys, both hamsters and guinea pigs, abide by LAW 21.

After 30 hours of hard labour and 29 rolls of tin foil
Sir Alex Byron created an inspirational piece of Art

Portia x

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