Wednesday, 6 April 2011

A Little Peace of Sunshine

My Warless Understanding of the Hotep

"I'm sure there's a reason why a smile & laughter, even during the point of agony, 
are so much easier to maintain than a frown & anger. Even the divine sciences were created 
to make a peaceful existence the easier option. So find your smile & laughter, 
even when you're alone in the dark, that way even if you can't see a light source, 
you can be the light source!"

Nezyah Amas

I've been searching for a specific image of peace. 

I've searched far & wide, high & low!... From my desk on my laptop.
It may be a myth of my mind, but here are some images that I still feel capture the sentiment. 

A powerful & majestic Eagle, resting over a calm lake. 
Imagine what that view looks like with such augmented sight. 
Maybe it was peaceful enough to soothe even a bird of prey.
There is no peace like the balance of nature.
Photography by Buzz Hoffman 

 Haha sorry but WOW this is more peaceful than a stone at the beach!

A peace that we have all experienced this week, Apollo lighting his spliff! 

A peace that we must all learn to discover... 

The reasons why peace must flourish.

And as I'm sure anyone will tell you, I am a Foodaphile, and it brings me peace :)

So try and be happy people! Sometimes, the reason to 
cheer up when everything is going bad, to smile so that 
the tears meander to the side of your face, 
instead of drowning your frown, is that
we are creatures of habit, and if you make a habit 
of finding a sense of happiness & peace, 
you will always have some sunshine, even when it's raining in your piece of London... or the world!

Theme music :)

Peace, iL.

...Oh and the image was an image I think I saw a few years ago, 
with a raging tempest thrashing against a cliff, and just under the cliff edge, a little crevice with a small bird in a nest. 'Ard stuff. 

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