Sunday, 12 December 2010

This is HipHop Log 3: Sway

Timeless & Powerful.
I won't bore you with how the media still tries to refer to pop/r'nb music as Rap simply because of a rhyme, chain or presence of  a black face, confusing the true origins & hindering progress.
Nah I won't do that :)
Instead, here's an example of Rap in one of it's most creative forms. 

The UK's Flow Orator Derek 'Sway' Safo

(Lyrical genius and an example of a craft studied & executed, with complex simplicity & originality.)

Walk with him

1Archaic: science, learning, or scholarship.
2. Skill in conducting any human activity. 

but if you ask me

"Art is appreciation of life, and telling stories of the experience from past to present and in some cases, the future."

Do you truly know HipHop?

Peace, iL.

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