Tuesday, 28 December 2010

'Tis the Season... That Needs no Reason

"Whatever you may believe about this day, whether you celebrate it or not, whatever it's origins may be....
The winter calls for a family feast, where families meet from west to east.
Besides, what is a cause that binds loved ones together, if not anything but beautiful and necessary?"

A friend told me that the Christmas spirit in the eyes of a child, is the only true joy of the Christmas Season.

My reply? 

The joy in the eyes, 


laughs and hearts 

of family and friends, old and young, through the gift of love and entertainment,

is more real than the joy felt within one person. 

It is the lifeblood that orbits around the Earth, 

and makes every bad experience, struggle, pain, act of retribution, forgiveness and gesture of trust,  


all worth it.

So make your own whys and hows of how and why you celebrate every season & occasion of life, a precious memory, by celebrating with those close to you, in memory of those close to you, and in hope for a beautiful tomorrow.

Merry Christmas, Jolly Chrimbo, Happy New Year
and Seasons Greetings

From iL.

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